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See the People's Law Library for more information. Divorce can be complex and you may have a lot at stake if custody is an issue, or if property, retirement assets, or alimony needs to be resolved. Consider having a lawyer represent you.

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The following provides a basic overview of divorce. In addition to what is listed there are additional forms, important deadlines, and fees you will deal with along the way. The best way to ensure you get your legal needs met is to speak to or hire a lawyer to help you.

If you will be representing yourself, visit the Peoples Law Library , make use the Family Law Self-Help Centers , and review all forms and instructions carefully. Before filing for a divorce you must decide which ground for divorce applies to your case.

For custody we may hear reports from the Custody Evaluator, and the Best Interest Attorney if one has been appointed may share their position. For property, we'll discuss the Joint Property Statement. You MUST attend these conferences. Merits Hearings are the end of the process. This is the trial.

Either a Judge or Master presides and makes the absolute and final decisions in individual issues after hearing all of the evidence. Please enter a valid email address.

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Please enter a valid phone number. Please verify that you have read the disclaimer. What are grounds for divorce? When having to file a fault divorce, it must be based on one of the following grounds, depending on if you are filing for a limited or absolute divorce: Limited Divorce: Cruelty of treatment of the complaining party or their minor child.

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Excessively vicious conduct towards the complaining party or their minor child. Absolute Divorce: Desertion without cause for at least 12 months and without interruption before filing the complaint, with no reasonable expectation of reconciliation. Cruelty of treatment toward the complaining party or their minor child, and if there is no hope of reconciliation.

Excessively vicious conduct toward the complaining party or their minor child, and there is no hope of reconciliation. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor and spouse has been sentenced to serve at least three years in a penal institution.

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The spouse must have already served twelve months of the sentence prior to filing the complaint for divorce. Before filing the complaint, the insane spouse must have been confined for at least three years and one of the parties has to have been a Maryland resident for at least two years.

How long does a divorce take? What are the basic steps involved in litigating a divorce case? If I am thinking about divorcing my spouse in the future, what can I do now to prepare myself? What is required to prove adultery in Maryland?

How to File an Uncontested Divorce In Maryland

What is Discovery? Do all of my finances have to be disclosed during the divorce? Will I have to pay alimony or spousal support?

Learn the process of uncontested divorce in Maryland.

What is a Pendente Lite hearing? How will custody of the children be decided?

Divorce Court Day! What You can expect when you go to divorce court

Those factors can include, but are not limited to: Which person is the primary caregiver for the child. The psychological and physical capacities of each party. Character and reputation of each party.

Agreements already in place. Spousal ability to maintain family relationships, for example, which spouse will let the child still speak to grandparents on the opposite side. Rarely will a court hear from a child under 7 years.