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Do you like primitive camping? If so, you may want a pop tent or a travel trailer. You might want an airstream, vintage or a big Class A. Camping is a lifestyle choice, and in this day and age it can be as fancy or basic as you want.

The Top 10 Questions Before You Choose An RV

Knowing the types of places you want to camp is critical when choosing an RV. If you love the great outdoors, you may want to stay in the national or statewide park systems. There are thousands of beautiful, affordable spaces all over the U. The problem? If you want to stay within the public park system, consider an RV that is 35 feet or less.

In fact, most people suggest 32 feet or under. The public park system is a breeze if you are using a camper, a camper van, or a small travel trailer. With a small unit you can park almost anywhere. Do you want to park in full-amenity RV parks? If so, a large Class A would work great. RV parks vary from place to place, and not all RV parks are big-rig friendly. The larger the RV, the more things you need to consider. Will the park have amp power? Most new, big rigs run on 50 amps as opposed to 30 amps, which is in many of the state parks.

Are the sites pull-through, or will you have to back in? Is there room for a tow car or trailer? For us, we knew that we would be less likely to stay in state parks due to the size restrictions.

We planned to full-time, and knew we would need a larger rig to do that. The bigger the RV, the more fuel it will take. If you plan to stay full time on a lot or RV space with full hookups, you will want an RV that meets your day-to-day, living needs. An RV is a lot like a vehicle and less like a house. Many recreational vehicles are low to the ground.

Living off the beaten path means choosing something that can go where you want to go, without damaging the RV. We looked at a ton of RVs. Most were flimsily built. Because we planned to call our new rig home, we wanted to buy something that was built as much like a home as we could afford. Choose an RV that works well with your family unit. Do you have pets? Do they go outside? Are they large or small?

Do you have kids? Where will they sleep?

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Where will they study? Do you need space for a play pen?

Best RV Travel Trailers Review Guide - Edition - Reviewster

Each of these questions will help refine your list of perfect RVs. Remember, many RV parks have rules about pets and children.

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In addition, extra bodies mean extra space. If you have children you may want to consider a bunkhouse-style RV. If you have large dogs, you may want a large Class A or Class C, if they will be inside. Cellular internet is the third option, and it works well for many RV enthusiasts, especially with the big cell companies offering unlimited data and hot-spots. Tens of thousands of retirees stretch their pensions, savings and social security by taking on jobs at campgrounds or government-owned parks in exchange for a paycheck or a free or highly-reduced campsite.

Top 4 RV Manufacturers

Workamping jobs are seasonal, and some RVers find work at places like amusement parks and produce stands, mainly if they will be staying in one place for awhile. If you find a place you adore and stay for a while, your fuel costs will be much lower than logging miles several times a month. You can spend your golden years nearly anywhere doing almost anything in your home on wheels. Parks and campgrounds are located all over the country so you could have a white Christmas in Colorado, 1, varieties of flowers at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the spring, spend summer at a beach, and see gorgeous fall foliage at some of the most beautiful spots in the country.

And, getting there is half the fun. The U. Our four picks for RV manufacturers cover most markets and offer a wide range of excellent models.

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Combine what you have learned from our guide with some research and recommendations from friends or trusted local experts to make the decision that is best for you. Becoming an RV owner can be a challenge, but it can also be the adventure of a lifetime.

If you are undecided about buying an RV, rent one for a week or more and take a trip to see if the pros outweigh the cons. Get exclusive content, advice and tips from Retirement Living delivered to your inbox. RV Manufacturers Latest update: September 11, Top 4 RV Manufacturers Outdoorsy. Best RV Rental.

Visit Site. Best Rental Guarantee. Best Warranty. Most Class and Size Options. Best RV for Extreme Weather. Most Customizable Options. Know the type of RV lifestyle you want occasional travel, live in it full time, room for guests, etc. Keep in mind that an RV may be a home on wheels, but its value depreciates just like any other vehicle. RV Camping Spot. Source: Getty. Lesson Planning can save you money and make the shopping less stressful. Lesson For RV budgeting, consider all the costs of new vs used.

We searched a list of 12 RV manufacturers. To think otherwise is a mistake. When a person buys an RV, he often makes the assumption that travel units are like cars and trucks when it comes to general costs. The fees involved in ownership of a car are generally much less than those for owning a motor home, camper or trailer.