Travel to mexico birth certificate

Entering Mexico

Travel insurance is a travel essential, so if you're going to be going to Mexico and you're organized enough to be researching which documents you need, there are no excuses for not getting insured. There's plenty that can go wrong on a vacation to Mexico: your overnight bus could be in a crash; you could get pickpocketed while walking around a market; you could contract dengue fever; you could fall from your hotel balcony it's happened.

If something serious happens while you're in Mexico, you need travel insurance. The costs of medical care can often add up to far more than you'd spend on insurance, and if it's so bad that you have to be repatriated to the United States, you could find yourself in seven figures worth of debt.

What type of identification do I need to fly?

It's not worth taking the risk: get travel insurance. This article has been edited and updated by Lauren Juliff.

Can you go to Mexico without a passport?

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Whenever you cross the Mexico border, you will need to show your travel documents. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! If your travel plans involve visiting Mexico either by driving across the border or on a cruise ship, U. You will, however, have to present a copy of a birth certificate.