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Public records search for Brooke Pitcher. Public Records. Bankruptcy records search for Brooke Pitcher. Cale's stable open; I met a man at the door, and as I went in, another man came out - they both said they belonged to the place; the first man started off - I believe that was Dolphin. I collared the other man, and gave him to Yoxall; I believe that man was the prisoner; I found three more men in the stable; they escaped, leaving five sets of harness there. I am a watchman. Mayhew delivered a person into my care; it was not the prisoner, but proved to be the son of Mrs. Cale - his mother came out, and said I had got the wrong man.

I never saw the prisoner; this was on Monday morning, between four and five o'clock, on the 12th of December. The stable in question belongs to me - I let it to the prisoner and Crook; he kept a pony there; they had it about four months; Crook continued to keep his horse there for four or five weeks after; I gave them the key on Sunday night, as they said they were going to market early.

I went to bed at ten o'clock, and was awoke about four; I heard the cart come into the stable, and heard persons talking - I had heard the cart drive out at night, and in the morning, when the alarm was given, Shays came out of the gate with a lantern, and an old man who has been tried came out with him - Shays asked me what was the matter; I said that was best known to himself; he said, "Did not I take this shed of you?

My son is in the country - he was at Watford when the other men were tried. An accomplice, named Alderton, who was admitted as evidence on the part of the Crown, was not in attendance. Several other witnesses, on being called, simply stated they could give no evidence as to the prisoner being concerned in this offence.

I am a servant at the gas-works. Cale gave me the key of the outer gate - he was dressed in blue trousers, a black waistcoat, and a green coat - he lived in the same house as me, and did not come home till four or five o'clock that morning; he slept with me. Were you not with me when the people came to hire the cart?

A young man called on him that morning, but what about I do not know. I am a constable. On the morning of the robbery I found two hats in a garden adjoining the stable - Alderton claimed one, and it is said the other belongs to the prisoner, but it has been mislaid.

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On Monday morning, the 12th of December, I found my stables had been robbed - they join my dwelling-house, and open into the same yard, which is shut and locked up at night; a door leads from my house into the yard; nobody but my family have access to the yard.

I missed this property from the harness-room at five o'clock - the room was not locked, but the gates were. I afterwards found the harness at Worship-street - it was given to me; I have not got it here - it is the same I lost that night, and worth 16l. I found the harness in Cale's stable. Thurston claimed it at the office.

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Prisoner's Defence. I know nothing of the robbery. I got the horse and cart from two people - Crook was with me when they came, and drank some porter with us. I was at home, supping with him, at eleven o'clock. I had some porter with him and two men; I think Smith, who was tried here, was one of them - I was in bed by ten o'clock. I reside in Cecil-street, Strand. See original In September last year I was in possession of a pair of carriage geldings - I had bought them of the prisoner in the month of June, for l.

I went to his stable three days after, and they were entirely gone. I applied at the office, and did not wish to press the felony, but was advised to go before the Grand Jury, and they found a bill for the felony. The prisoner said he had sold one of them - I authorised him to look out for a purchaser, but not to sell them.

You named a price between the proposed purchaser and yourself? Yes - but it was to remain subject to my approbation. He sold them without consulting you? That is what he said immediately he was asked about it - I believe it was some months before the officer found him.

Cross-examined by MR. How long did you keep the horses before one was exchanged? Probably two months - the two were l. In January, when the prisoner and Mr. Shaw called, was there any agreement that he was to have back the horses and the action be dropped, and he was to pay a sum of money?

No; there was an agreement that if he paid me l. I was to drop the action - he would keep the horses in that case. You got a warrant, and the Magistrate said if he had heard the whole of the case before you should not have had the warrant? No - he said he did not think it a case of felony, but a gross fraud, and advised me to go before the Grand Jury; I went as soon as I heard that they sat - I went and told the same story as I have now.

From January to September did you not know a Grand Jury were sitting? I went the first time the officer told me they were sitting; he had promised to let me know - the officer was some months finding him; it might be about January that I got the warrant. In January, when the agreement was made about the l. Yes; I said, "You are to pay me before I give you any title to them. If he had paid me l. I never wished to charge him capitally. On what day was the l. I told him I was going abroad, and if he brought l. Was there a subsequent application for further time?

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Not that I recollect; a person called once or twice, and had several conversations about them before I delivered the horses, but after I delivered them no person called. You are quite sure of it?

I am, for two days after I delivered them I went to the stable, and they were gone. Do you mean to swear no person called between January and September, and requested an extension of time? They called several times between January and September. From the time the horses were delivered till this hour no person has called, but prior to the delivery they did call for an extension of time; they asked if I would trust Mr.