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However, if you are depressed, you need to seek treatment. Seeing a Healthcare Provider This test does not take the place of a diagnosis from a professional healthcare provider.

Should I Change Careers? These Tests Can Show You What Job You Should Actually Have

If you have symptoms of depression, schedule an appointment with a provider. Also, if you have suicidal thoughts or tendencies, call immediately. Depression is a serious condition. If you are not sure if you have depression, take this test to learn more about your feelings.

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Then, you can take the next step in seeking treatment. Copyright Ivan Goldberg. All rights reserved. Adopted from the printed edition of the Goldberg Depression Inventory for electronic distribution. For personal use only; other use may be prohibited by law.

Is Your Personality More Suited for a Creative or Analytical Job?

Musical Personality Quiz. You express your personality in many different ways. You express it in the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and the music you put on at the end of the day.

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In fact, the music you listen to tells people more about you than almost anything else. This music personality quiz is a great way to find out more about who you are. Take the quiz to take a closer look at your personality. You might be surprised about what your musical style says about you. When you commit to a style of music, you commit to a complete lifestyle and atmosphere.

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That commitment says a lot about you as a person, which is why a music personality quiz is the perfect way to explain who you are as a human being. Finding the Balance Music is about balance, and so is your personality. Do you have a rock musical personally?

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Maybe you can learn to embrace the quiet from time to time. Maybe you have a classical musical personality and you need to open up your ears to some other types of music occasionally. This balance will make you a well-rounded person. Have your dance partners take it to find out what their personalities are, as well.

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Free psychological tests 1,, taken last month. What career best fits your personality?

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This free career aptitude test can give you insight into your career personality. Based on a characterization of your personality in terms of Holland Code personality types , you will learn what kind of work environments and occupations suit you best. The results of this career test provide you with a list of professions and occupations that fit your career personality.

Choose a career that matches your preferences and you will increase your chances of being successful! It takes five to ten minutes to complete this free career test. Or you might find that they can help you think through your choice of an occupation or work through a crisis in your career. Personality tests may be useful in transitional moments of your career. If you are looking for your first job or interested in a change in career path, a test can be a good way to assess which choices might be ideal for you.

If you already know what kind of work you want to do, a career or personality test can still be helpful.

Career aptitude test

It can show you whether you need more training or experience. It can reveal what skills you have that make you a strong candidate for a specific job. At the very least, that can help you to write a more effective resume and cover letter. None of these tests will provide you with a definitive answer on what you should do with your life.

Rather, they can be a tool in your overall career planning, helping you to make a better-informed choice. A wide variety of career assessment tests and personality tools is available online.